Your child’s safety is as important to us as it is to you, and that includes safety habits when they are riding one of our balance bikes or scooters. As such, we want you to be aware of the safety procedures and precautions that you and your child need to know and follow to ensure a safe, enjoyable riding experience.

Please follow the recommended age and weight guidelines for the balance bike or scooter that you have bought for your child. We have carefully chosen these guidelines to keep your child and any other user of our products safe. Please never allow a sibling or friend that is outside of the age or weight limits to ride one of our balance bikes or scooters, as the devices were not designed to carry anyone outside of these ranges.

In addition, please ensure that your child or any other child who is using the device is wearing proper safety equipment, such as knee and elbow pads, riding gloves, and, most importantly, a well-fitting helmet. Reflective clothing is also important if they are riding outdoors. This safety equipment is important in all seasons, even if it seems hot and uncomfortable, because accidents can happen at any time of the year. Always check the condition of your child’s balance bike or scooter before they use it, to avoid any malfunctions that could cause injury.

When your child is learning to use their balance bike or scooter, do so on a soft surface, such as a lawn or carpet, to cushion them if they fall. Watch out for furniture and other obstacles that your child could bump or crash into, and make sure they know how to ride, balance, turn, and stop before you allow them into open or crowded public spaces, and before they begin riding on hard surfaces.

Instructing your child and his or her friends in how to use their balance bikes and scooters safely can seem boring and dull, and you may be tempted to skip the lecture in favour of a trial and error approach. However, just like with cars and motorcycles, proper safety instruction can be the difference between a pleasant ride and serious injury.

Here is a list of Dos and Don’ts to cover with your child and their friends before they start to ride their balance bike or scooter:

DO wear protective clothing and equipment, even if it’s hot outside. This means a helmet and riding gloves at minimum, reflective clothing if outside, and knee and elbow pads.

DON’T use your balance bike or scooter on roads or narrow pavements.

DO be aware of your surroundings, especially in public or crowded areas.

DON’T ride near water. This means swimming pools as well as lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams.

DO check your equipment EVERY TIME you ride it and perform any needed repairs and maintenance BEFORE riding.

DON’T ride near stairwells or steps.

DO understand the danger of riding near roads and in crowded environments, and pay attention to your surroundings.

DON’T ride on rough or slippery surfaces, like gravel or wet floors.

DO Ride ONLY with an adult present to supervise.

DON’T use an MP3 player or a cell phone while riding. Always keep your full attention on riding and your surroundings and BOTH hands on the handlebars.

DO understand the dangers of your environment and listen to your guardian and their warnings.

DON’T ride on hills or inclines.



One last warning before your child can be off and going on their new balance bike or scooter, and it’s for you, the parents: We know how tempting it is to ride, but if you’re over the weight limit, DO NOT get o that device. Instead, get your own bike or scooter and ride along with your child.

Be safe, and have fun!

Download our free Zippizap safe riding chart for a fun way to learn how to ride safe