About Us.

Hi, I’m Liam and I’m the owner of ZippiZap Balance Bikes.

All my life, I’ve loved riding bikes. From mucking around on my BMX as a kid, to competing in triathlons and road bike races as an adult. Around 7 years ago, I started my own business importing and selling single-speed, ‘fixie’ bicycles. Since then, I’ve married my wife, Amy, and we’ve now got two boys under 4. I’ve watched my business grow and evolve from selling bikes to teenagers and adults, to now, selling our own Australian designed balance bikes for kids under 5.

Learning to ride a bike is supposed to be FUN. But for a lot of parents this milestone moment becomes a picture of frantic back-peddling, uneven training wheels, clothing getting caught in where it shouldn’t, punctured tyres, inevitable tears, scathed knees and chaos. Surely, there was a better way?

We created ZippiZap Balance Bikes to take the stress and anxiety out of learning to ride a bicycle. We want your kids to feel safe and happy on their new bike. And we want you, as parents, to feel calm, relieved and excited to watch them learn a new skill.  To watch them develop their coordination, motor skills, balance and most importantly, confidence.

Why buy a ZippiZap?

ZippiZap is an Australian owned and run small business. We’re committed to delivering a great product your kids will love, along with exceptional customer care and service.

At the end of the day, we love seeing our kids riding their bikes. The way they propel their little legs along at frantic speed. Holding their feet in the air to avoid the splashback from puddles. Watching them put their helmets on and, in an instant, become a dot on the horizon. Exploring. Confident. Unstoppable.

A ZippiZap balance bike is more than a kids toy, its more than a balance bike. We created this business because we want other families to experience those tiny moments of joy that we’ve witnessed. Those moments where, no matter how tired you are, or how busy life may seem, you catch yourself smiling and in an instant, feel happy, humbled, proud, satisfied.