ZiPPiZAP Balance Bike (Model – ZZ02)

Succeeding the Original and ZZ02 models, The ALUMINIUM and STEEL models build on what was already a best seller. Imporovments include upgraded sealed cartridge wheel bearings, stronger wheel design and the addition of the premium ALUMINIUM model. These new features make Zippizap the number 1 balance bike manufacturer specialising in lightweight, all terrain, robust bikes that are ready for anything that your child can throw at them. With a 3 year warranty on all frames and forks, the Zippizap is an investment that will last a lifetime.


  • Quick release clamp adjustable seat and handlebars designed to cater for both an 18 month old and 5 year old.
  • EVA polymer tyres are hardy, puncture proof
  • Scratch resistant powder coated paint
  • Soft durable grips designed for smaller hands
  • Precision sealed bearings results in a ultra smooth ride.
  • Five spoke wheel design for maximum strength and reduced weight.
  • Cushioned saddle perfect for young kids and toddlers with nappys.


What is the lowest seat height on the Zippizap bike?
The lowest seat height is 29 cm from the ground which is one of the lowest in its category. Perfect from 18 months.
What is the highest seat height of the Zippizap bike?
The Zippizap Aluminium model comes with an extra long seat post which means the highest seat height that can be achieved is 48cm. This size will fit even the tallest 5 year olds.
 What assembly is required?
Assembly is easy taking approximately 5 minutes. Place and tighten front wheel, insert handlebars and tighten, adjust the seat to fit the rider and your child is good to go. All bikes come with assembly instructions included.
What is the weight of the Zippizap bike?
The Zippizap ALUMINIUM weighs 1.9kgs and is the lightest balance bike in the world. The STEEL model weighs 3.1 kgs.