Product Description

A ZippiZap balance bike is a high-quality, durable, light-weight, pedal-less bike for kids aged 18 months to 5 years old. These balance bikes can go anywhere weather it be on gravel, grass or indoors. They are tough, resilient and possibly best of all, they are maintenance free. Designed in Australia and built with safety in mind, both kids and parents will love their Zippizap balance bike.


Features include:

  • High quality, lightweight design means your kids will be able to steer and maneuver easily. They’ll be able to pick themselves and their bikes back up when they fall, without you having to hover over them.
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars allows your ZippiZap to change as your child grows and and develops, or to share between siblings.
  • Smooth handlebar grips means no blisters or sore hands. (Or complaints!)
  • All weather cushioned saddle, for a comfortable ride and that will withstand the wettest Melbourne winters to the hottest Perth summers.
  • Engineered ultralight molded wheels and puncture-proof EVA polymer tyres. That’s right- no more mucking around with replacing or repairing tyres. ZippiZap tyres are built to last. And they’re designed to withstand whatever your kid may throw at it