Kids In Adelaide: Zippizap Balance Bike Review

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At zippizap we love hearing about great success stories and reading positive reviews. Check out this one by Fleur who blogs on the Kids of Adelaide website. Read the Zippizap balance bike review.

Zippizap enters the kids scooter market

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Australia (January 7, 2016) – Zippizap Balance Bike co. has announced the launch of a new line of premium, 3 wheel, mini scooters under the name Zippizap Scooter Division. Released through their online shop, www.zippizap.com.au, [...]

Zippizap release redesigned balance bike

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Perth, Australia (January 6, 2016) – Zippizap Balance Bike co. the premiere distributor, manufacturer and retailer of balance bikes has released a completely redesigned, feature rich range of balance bikes. The new model called the [...]

How frequent exercise helps your child

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Let’s get PHYSICAL…. With the growing number of obese and overweight children, together with the increased rates of serious illnesses in children, parents want to know how exercise can help. Frequent physical activity of both [...]

5 Reasons why every 2 year old should get a balance bike.

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5 Important Reasons To Consider A Balance Bike Over The Traditional Bikes Balance bikes are currently all the rage, but they need to be purchased and given with careful consideration. They’re not a toy, as [...]

Pedal-less Power: Is a Balance Bike a Better Bike?

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Traditionally, kids have learned to ride a bike through an arduous process of tricycles, training wheels, and falling down to get back up. While persistence is an important lesson to be learned, many parents would [...]

The First Balance Bike

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The first balance bicycle was named the dandy horse and was invented by Karl Drais in 1817. The dandy horse was the first means of transport to make use of the two-wheeler principle, is regarded as the archetype [...]

Why a Balance bike

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Kids love to get outdoors, run a muck and push the limits. Riding a bike is one of the next steps from walking and running and is a huge milestone. With the help of our balance bikes, [...]

Humble beginnings

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Liams first sketch of the ZiPPiZAP Original and the most awesome balance bike in the world. It took over 6 months to develop and get it to what it is today.