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Five Reasons why every toddler should get a balance bike.

Balance bikes are all the rage right now, but why? Beyond simply teaching kids to balance,
here are five additional reasons why balance bikes are worth every penny.

Safety: Balance bikes are much safer and practical than tricycles and training wheels. Tricycles
are slow and awkward and easily tip on uneven or angled surfaces. On a balance bike, children
are focused on balancing, rather than pedalling. The result of this is they are more prepared for
quick loses in balance and are much less likely to fall. Once they become a pro at balancing,
children can also skip training wheels and jump straight on standard bike. The many falls and
skinned knees from learning to ride are greatly reduced by doing so.

Cheaper: Many parents might think twice about purchasing a balance bike because they think
them to be a waste of money, when the opposite is true. One balance bike replaces the need
for a tricycle and a 12″ bike with training wheels. Also for most kids, the 12″ bikes, (the smallest
pedal bike you can buy) are essentially not useable without training wheels. As a result, mum and
dads end up having to buy a 12″ bike, a 16″ and a 20″ bike as compared to one balance bike and
a 16″ and 20″ bike. The resale price of balance bikes is also quite high as compared to tricycles
and 12″ bikes, making the overall investment of a balance bike minimal.

Be Outdoors: Instead of telling your kids to get outside and play, they will be bugging you to take
them for a ride. Kids love the independence and sense of accomplishment they get from riding a
balance bike. Whether it’s being stopped by strangers on a walk or bombarded by kids at the park,
kids quickly understand that there is something cool about riding bikes and want to be part of the
action. Balance bikes are simple, no batteries, no small pieces, no complicated instruction, just
pure fun.

More Family Time: In a world of IPads, phones and couch potatos, balance bikes are single
handedly reinvigorating families with endless outdoor fun. Going on a walk with a three-year-old
in a stroller or on a tricycle is not exactly fun. Strollers are heavy and get stuck on any imperfection
in the road and tricycles are so painfully slow, parents dread walking more than a 100m next to
them. Balance bikes however, allow toddlers to easy cruise sidewalks and bikes paths at moderate
speeds, pleasing mum and dad. Aside from the neighbourhood, balance bikes also allow families to
explore the great outdoors. Furthermore, balance bikes are easy to transport. Lightweight and
having no pedals they can quickly be thrown in the car, or basket of some strollers. Whether walking
to preschool, the park or a friend’s house, balance bikes are easily to take along

Ride a Pedal Bikes Sooner: Kids who ride balance bike generally ride pedal bikes independently at a
younger age than those who use training wheels. It is not uncommon for balance bike riders to start
riding a pedal bike at the age of three verses 5 or 6 with training wheels. In addition, transitioning an
experienced balance biker to a pedal bike is a piece of cake. Simply give them a bike and let them ride.
No running beside them, no holding their seat, no tears, simply give them the bike and watch with great
pride as they ride off on their own.



Balance bikes are changing the way children learn to ride a bicycle, without tricycles tipping over and
awkward training wheels. With a balance bike, a child learns how to balance and create confidence
with their feet on the ground.

The ZiPPiZAP balance bike has no pedals, cranks or chains. A quick release height adjustable seat
means a walking one year old through to a five year old can use it. Zippizap sent over a bike for review.
and my two year old Ben jumped straight on.

Ben instantly took a liking to it, to begin with he was simply walking it around our living room the same
way you walk a bike across the road. Upon further encouragement he was walking with it how it was
intended to be used all be it slow and wobbly.

Early on, he didn’t last very long in his attempts and at times he got quite frustrated. After a couple of
months and afew tears he was walking steadly and threatening to run. Another month on and he now
bounds and runs on his Zippizap. He absolutely loves it and we take it everywhere. We had a trip to
the CBD on the train and he didn’t once get off his Bike. Even walking through the department stores
he was still on his Zippizap.

I make sure he wears a helmet every time he rides it because even though he is going at very slow
speeds, I feel that it is a good habit to get kids into. The Zippizap requires minimal assembly, and I put
it together in minutes. Once put together, it is virtually maintenance free; no chains or cables and the
wheels are made of puncture-proof polymer. This bike is really light at only only 3kgs, light enough for
an 18 month to manoeuvre and a parent to carry around in 1 hand without issues.

Bens favourite place to go is the local skatepark. He loves to show off his Zippizap bike to the skaters,
even yelling at others when they pass by to make sure everyone sees him. He grins from ear to ear
while taking his Zippizap on a ride down the footpath and loves passing by other kids and adults on
skates or a bike.

I worry a lot about Bens confidence and his shyness around other children and gives me such
happiness seeing the pride and confidence he has while maneuvering his Zippizap around the
skatepark. No Doubt, as Ben walks along on his Zippizap, he’s thinks he’s the coolest kid in the world.

– The Zippizap is made of steel tubing and plastic wheels, not wood, so it will not deteriate when left out
in the rain.

– A wide range of seat height adjustment starting lower (33cm) to highest (44cm) – and you can even use
a longer post (50cm), most wooden bikes only adjust in a few set increments, which limits the usable life
of the bike.

– Saddle is closest to a “real bike” making the transition to a pedal bike as easy as possible. Its designed
specifically for beginning riders and their tiny hips. Smaller, narrower, and lighter than a typical saddle.

– Ages 18months to 5 years

– ZiPPiZAP bikes are totally customisable with heaps of bright and energetic colors to choose from.
Chances are you will never see someone else riding the same model as your own.

Go to www.zippizap.com.au and see for yourself.



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