Zippizap Balance Bike co. the premiere manufacturer, distributor and retailer of balance bikes is raising the standard of safety by releasing an aluminium range of balance bikes. Boasting as the lightest balance bike in the world at just 1.9kgs, the reduced weight comes with a list of benefits headlined by increased safety.

“At Zippizap, we are always looking at ways to improve our product”. Liam Davis, Managing Director of Zippizap states, “By using aluminium to build the frame, we have almost halved the weight of our steel model. Amongst other advantages, this reduced weight results in shorter stopping distances, less momentum going down hills and less weight to fall on your child.”

The ZIPPIZAP ALUMINIUM was designed on the same simple design as previous models. Balance bikes are the perfect tool to teach young children how to ride a bike on two wheels. At under 2kgs, the ZIPPIZAP is the lightest balance bike on the market today. For more information visit