With more and more companies jumping on the balance bike bandwagon, the question of what makes one brand better than another is one that is often asked. In addition to the numerous brands available, there are also two types of balance bike: those with a metal frame, and those made out of wood. Metal balance bikes, like those made by Zippizap have a number of advantages over their wooden counterparts on the balance bike market. The core differences are in their durability and adjustability.

Durability is a very important aspect of anything a child will be riding on, as a bike that falls apart could cause injury to a child if they are riding it when the failure occurs. While wooden bikes are made of hardwood, and unlikely to simply collapse, they are significantly less durable than metal framed bikes. Water and sun can warp the frame of the bike, making it unusable after just a few months of poor maintenance. And, as children are notorious for hard play and are just beginning to learn about personal responsibility, this can lead to several costly replacements in the span of a year.

Wooden bikes also lack the flexible adjustment ability of their metal peers. The wooden design necessitates rigid adjustment intervals and a shorter adjustment span. This means two things for parents searching for a bike for their child. The first is that very young riders and very old riders (relative to the average age of a balance bike rider) can’t use the bike because of the size, shortening the lifespan of the bike from about four (as Zippizap bikes can accommodate) to anywhere from one to three years, depending on the brand. Secondly, the shorter lifespan means more frequent replacements, meaning more money spent.

All-in-all, a metal balance bike like a Zippizap is a much sounder investment overall. This is true, not only because of the longer lifespan, but also because of the three-year warranty that protects Zippizaps bikes in the event of a malfunction. Choosing a metal balance bike will save you money in the long run and it will entertain your child for years to come.zippizap vs wood