Choosing a first bike for your child can be a stressful experience. There are many options to choose from, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. You want to make the learning process as enjoyable and stress free as possible for your little one so they develop a lifelong love of biking, and you want to do that by choosing the best, most perfectly suited bike that streamlines the process.

That bike is a balance bike.

Upon seeing a balance bike for the first time, you will probably be confused. There are no pedals, and we equate pedals with bikes like we equate water with swimming pools. However, the most important part of riding a bike is learning to balance, to lean into turns and control the wobble of the bike. Pedaling is a secondary skill that is used just for propulsion. Balanclongroade bikes use walking and running, which children as young as 18 months can do, as a means of propulsion so your child can focus on the important things.

Another stressor when buying a first bike for your child is size. Kids grow fast, and you need a bike that’s going to last more than a year before your son or daughter outgrows it. Balance bikes are suitable for children from 18 months into grade school, making it the perfect choice for a bike that grows with your child. They also are highly customizable, so you can rest assured that your child’s independent, unique personality can be reflected in their bike.

Finally, many parents find themselves concerned with the logistics of caring for and storing a bike that will be used by children. Children are notorious for rough handling, and this is a genuine concern for your investment. Balance bikes are sturdy, though, and built for kids. They require very little maintenance, and they are easy to maintain and repair if need be. The most common problem with traditional bikes is a rusted chain from leaving it outdoors, but balance bikes have no pedal assembly and, therefore, no chain. Storage is simple, as well. With its smaller, lighter frame and fewer protrusions, a balance bike can be stored in many places a traditional bike could not, and it takes up less space.

Balance bikes are the perfect choice for your child’s first bike. Not only do they make it easier for your children to learn, their fantastic features make it easier on parents, too.