Perth, Australia (January 6, 2016) – Zippizap Balance Bike co. the premiere distributor, manufacturer and retailer of balance bikes has released a completely redesigned, feature rich range of balance bikes. The new model called the ZZ02 has upgraded wheels, bearings and frame dimensions.

Balance bikes are the perfect tool to teach young kids the skills required to ride a pedal bike. Designed without pedals and set lower to the ground, young riders use their feet to propel themselves forward.

Commenting on what is already a bestseller, Liam Davis, Managing Director of Zippizap said “Our goal is to design the most durable and versatile balance bike. Its very rare for a children’s toy to be as useful and effective for an 18 month old together with a 5 year old. We have achieved this with the ZZ02. This trait combined with our quality components and we have created a bike that could be handed down between kids and get years of use. ” The Zippizap balance bike ZZ02 will available online through the Zippizap website and in stores late January.