We love hearing about great balance bike success stories. Thanks to Aaron from Kalgoorlie for this review.

I have bought a total of four balance bikes, 3 Zippizap, and one fake. When I first heard about the concept of balance bikes I purchased the fake type for my child through an online website. Having seen how well she took to it, additionally, the 10-20 minutes at the age of 5, it took to changeover from the balance bike to a pedal bike, (as opposed to weeks of struggling with suffering when my boy transitioned from training wheels) I started shopping for them for Xmas for all my nephews when they were around 18months to 2 yr old.

We came across Zippizap when my son started riding BMX. While at the bmx track my daughter used her fake zippizap to ride with the other balance bikers. I instantly recognized that Zippizap brand bikes were a tad bit more robust then our clunky old fake. For this reason the balance bikes I’ve purchased my nephews all have been the Zippizap brand name. Don’t get me wrong, any balance bike for learning will be great, although now that i understand the variations, I decided on Zippizap verses the fake given that I’ve seen them in action.

Each of the youngsters I’ve got 1 for has been on the bike and riding in a matter of minutes. They all love them and are getting the benefits my daughter received. I only wish I knew about them when my son was learning.