5 Important Reasons To Consider A Balance Bike Over The Traditional Bikes

Balance bikes are currently all the rage, but they need to be purchased and given with careful consideration. They’re not a toy, as many would assume they would be. Rather, they are a privilege that goes beyond just teaching children how to maintain their balance. What else do balance bikes teach kids – that make them worth their weight in gold?


Balance bikes are far safer and more sensible than training wheels or tricycles. How is that? Tricycles tend to be awkward and slow, tipping over easily when on angled or jagged surface. With a balance bike, a child can put their attention on balance, not pedaling. This means they can prepare themselves for a loss in balance, but are far less likely to actually take a spill.

Once balancing has been mastered, kids can forgo the training wheels altogether and start riding a standard bike. This also reduces the possibility of skinned knees and elbows and even head injuries when trying to learn how to ride a bike.

Extremely Cost-Effective

One of the biggest reasons parents opt not to buy a balance bike is the possibility of being a waste of money. However, a balance bike is a replacement for both a tricycle and 12” bike equipped with training wheels. In essence, you save yourself a ton of money. 12” bikes, for the majority of kids, need to be used with training wheels, which means parents need to buy a 12” bike along with a 16” or 20” bike. With a balance bike, there’s only that cost and the 16” or 20” bike.

Along with that, the balance bikes have a resale that’s very high, compared to both 12” bikes and tricycles. This means the investment you make in a balance bike will give you a return on the investment.

Encourages Family Time

Balance bikes certainly are moving and shaking families out of their coaches and chairs, getting them to explore the world outside. It’s certainly not any fun to take a stroller with your toddler or have them ride a tricycle. Strollers are bulky and heavy, tricycles are slow. Balance bikes, on the other hand, enable toddlers to go at moderate speeds, which is great for both parents and their older brothers or sisters.

On top of that, balance bikes are great for letting families explore beyond their neighborhood. The reason? They’re extremely portable, as they have no pedals. They can easily be carted everywhere you want them to go.

Encourages Children To Play Outside

Rather than forcing your children outside, they’ll want to go play outside. In fact, they’ll ask you to go riding with you. It’s a fact of life that children love the idea of independence and feeling like they’ve accomplished something. They can get that and more with a balance bike. They like the idea of being the center of attention when people – adults and children alike – start asking them about the bike.

Even better? There are no tiny pieces, batteries or complex instructions. All there is fun!

Allows For Earlier Riding Of Pedal Bikes

Children who use balance bikes typically start riding pedal bikes at an earlier age. It’s not unheard of for a three-year-old to start riding a pedal bike. On top of that, a child who’s mastered the balance bike can easily transition to a pedal bike. All you have to do is give them a pedal bike and watch them ride. You don’t have to run with them or hold their seat. There’s no tears because there is no falling. All you do is give them the balance bike, sit there and watch them as they take off all on their own.