Kids love to get outdoors, run a muck and push the limits. Riding a bike is one of the next steps from walking and running and is a huge milestone. With the help of our balance bikes, kids are reaching this milestone earlier than ever. This early-riding development has been proven to increase overall balance and coordination which will help them get a jump start in life.

The earlier a child develops the part of their brain used to ride a bike on two wheels, the easier all co ordination based skills will be for them later on. Our Balance bikes are sized for toddlers as young as 18 months, and with adjustable handlebars and seat post, the bikes will grow as they grow. This can mean getting up to 4 years use from one bike. Simple and lightweight, they teach the fundamental skill of balancing on two wheels as well as steering technique for a smooth transition to a pedal bike.

The main road block for kids attempting to ride a bike is the skill of balancing on 2 wheels, other ride on toys like Tricycles and also bikes with training wheels fall short of this mark and hinder progress and skill development.